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 Early years schooling
1 Ladywood Sure Start Children's centreServices for children aged 0-5 years and education for parents 0/Digital Hub/Icons/Stars_0.png00 stars from 0 people
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Provide services for children aged 0-5 years, also provide education for parents. Are happy to take referrals directly and will provide updates about referral outcomes. Referral form and spring timetable has been uploaded to the cloud. Service is also open to self referrals. Monday and Tuesday mornings is 'stay and play'. Wednesday mornings appointments are available to talk and for family support.
 Mentoring, coaching and training
2 Pioneers MentoringPioneers Leading the Way 0/Digital Hub/Icons/Stars_0.png00 stars from 0 people
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Pioneers Leading the Way is at the forefront of developing projects and initiatives for young people and adults. We specialize in raising self esteem, confidence and motivation. Pioneers strive to support and engage with all communities.
 Wellness education
3 BSMHFT Bibliotherapy resourceReading materials 0/Digital Hub/Icons/Stars_0.png00 stars from 0 people
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Collection of literature resources to help inspire people toward wellbeing and leading generally fulfilling lives.

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