Work and Finance

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 Job clubs
1 St ThomasĀ Children's CentreJob club 3/Digital Hub/Icons/Stars_3.png13 stars from 1 people
1 people
Job club
2 The Prince's Trust BirminghamTraining and work experience 0/Digital Hub/Icons/Stars_0.png00 stars from 0 people
0 people
Get into hospitality programme, Prince's Trust with Nando's. Includes 4 training days, 15 day placement. In stores across Birmingham and the Black country. 20 spaces on the programme for young people aged between 16-25. Information session on 3rd May (2-3pm), 5th May (11am-12pm), 8th May (2-4pm), 10th May (10am-12pm), 11th May (2-3pm) 12th May (10am-12pm). Taster day on 16th May, programme runs from 22nd May - 16th June 2017

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